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Accessing a Daily Report is free, but unlimited access to our more powerful tools is reserved for our subscribers. Below are the tools available with a Premier or Lifetime subscription.


Get a quick look at today's luck. Your three primary cycles are evaluated and each cycles luck is displayed in an easy to read format. Luckalyzer also offers tips on what you should do to take advantage of your good luck or to avoid your bad luck.


A 60-Day Calendar allows you to view your luck for 60 days into the future. The graphical "Heat Map" display shows how your luck flows from good to bad and then back to good as the cycles in your body go up and down. Can be printed and hung on your wall.


Found an important day but it's months or years away? With EMAIL ALERTS, you can save any date of interest into Luckalyzer's database. A couple days before the big event, Luckalyzer will notify you via email. You'll never miss another important day again.


Examine any day in the past or future. Did your marriage turn out bad? Perhaps you weren't so lucky after all, check your luck on your wedding day (or maybe you should check the luck on the day you were engaged). Have an important meeting in a couple months? Check that day to see if you will be persuasive or boring. If you luck is bad, consider rescheduling to a luckier day in the future.
Scan your family and friend's luck. Premier Access allows you to check anyone's luck. Popping the big question? Pick a day when both you AND your fiance are lucky for the best chances of marital success.


Great days do not come often enough. How would you feel if you missed the lucky day for buying your lottery ticket, or the lucky day to make your wedding proposal? With POWER SCAN you can search up to ten years into the future for the very luckiest (or unluckiest) days. Once you find that super lucky day you can save it with EMAIL ALERTS and be notified when it approaches.


Play poker with the same group of friends? This tool informs you of the days you will be luckier than your friends. Only play against them when you have the lucky edge. Tested at the 2010 World Series Of Poker. Results showed when playing against players with less luck than you increased the chance of sucking out and winning by 400%. View more details here.


This is the world's most accurate Super Bowl Handicapper. Even works for the playoffs. SBH has predicted the winners accurately, even when the professional handicappers could not. This tool alone will pay for your subscription. We were able to get 14-1 on the Eagles wining Super Bowl 52 (2018). View more details here.