Hacienda Heights Lady Mauled By Viscious Dog On Super Unlucky Day.

Lanny Yao of Hacienda Heights was out walking her dog on the morning of October 16, 2015. She had already walked past several of her neighbors homes when suddenly, one of her neighbors dogs busted through the gate and attacked her visciously.

Lanny was rushed to the hospital where her wounds were treated. The dog had taken a couple chunks of flesh out but doctors were able to stitch it back together.

Didn't check her luck

When we heard of her story, we ran her birthday, and of course, Luckalyzer knew it was going to be a dangerous day for Lanny.

If you look at the two inserts, Luckalyzer pinpointed October 15 (the day before) as being one of the worst days of her life (just one day off). For October 16, the day of the incident, Luckalyzer warned that she should NOT do anything physical, extremely dangerous day.

Lanny didn’t use Luckalyzer, and instead chose to take a physical walk that day, and as Lucklayzer foretold, she met with a horrible tragedy. Had she only stayed indoors and used her brains to reserach things on the internet. This incident could have been avoided.

Please, be very careful on DANGER days. Look for other areas of your life with good luck and focus on that instead. The life you save could be your own.

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