Our Annual Superbowl Prediction For 2016

Superbowl 2016 Prediction

Our annual Superbowl prediction is in and the Denver Broncos look lucky enough to win it.

One of the biggest things we noticed was how unlucky the Panther’s coach, Ron Rivera, and quarterback Cam Newton’s luck is going to be on the day of the event. Luckalyzer issued warnings as February 7 is a very unlucky day for these two. This could keep these two from performing well on the field.

On the other end, we find the Bronco’s head coach Gary Kubiak with not so good luck either. THe big bright spot is Bronco quarterback, Peyton Manning’s luck on Superbowl day. Luckalyzer has issued warnings as a VERY lucky day for Peyton.

The Carolina Panther’s are favored for this event. However, if we look at the luck readings of these two teams, it just seems that Carolina will have none and be left to skill alone.

The underdogs, the Denver Broncos, not only have skill to get to the Superbowl in 2016, but may have the extra luck needed to overcome and be victorius on Superbowl Sunday.

Our Superbowl prediction (see disclaimer below) for 2016 goes to the Denver Broncos to win the game.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this is based solely on the luck of the team’s two key players, the coach and the quarterback. It is possible another player such as the kicker, who needs to make a field goal to win, has bad luck and misses. A running back may run to the wrong field goal. This is by no way a very comprehensive examination. If you use this inside info to bet on the game, you may want to run the luck of other players you feel are important.

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