Luckalyzer’s 2017 Superbowl Prediction

Luckalyzer’s annual Superbowl prediction is in. Do you have your money on the correct team?

Based purely on the luck of the coach and the quarterback it appears the Patriots are the clear winner. Both of these critical team members are having great luck on Superbowl Sunday.

Looking at #1 rated Falcons, we can see their quarterback is not in the best of health and won’t be too happy on Sunday.

As for thier coach Dan Quinn, he needs to be on the top of his game but as you see, is brain will fail him.

If we tried to guess what may transpire in the game, it comes down to the Falcon’s coach making mistakes and their quarterback not feeling his beat (or perhaps he gets injured during the game).

Our Superbowl prediction (see disclaimer below) for 2017 goes to the underdogs, the New England Patriots.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this is based solely on the luck of the team’s two key players, the coach and the quarterback. It is possible another player such as the kicker, who needs to make a field goal to win, has bad luck and misses. A running back may run to the wrong field goal. This is by no way a very comprehensive examination. Luckalyzer’s success rate at predicting the winners now stand for 3 correct predictions out of 4 (75% success rate).

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