Luckalyzer’s 2018 Superbowl Prediction

Luckalyzer’s annual Superbowl prediction is in. Do you have your money on the correct team?

Based purely on the luck of the coach and the quarterback, this year is going to be EXTREMELY close.

Looking at the Quarterbacks, we find Tom Brady’s reading is much superior to Nick Foles. We will give the Patriots the win based on quaterback alone. However, if we look at the reading of the coach’s. Doug Pederson has a better reading. The Eagles get the nod here based on overall.

There is a twist. I would consider it more important for a coach to be thinking smart and it’s not as important for a coach to be in good health. Based on that I would have to go with the Patriots whose coach fits that profile.

All the above assumes a human is thinking and handicapping the event. This can be a weakness as the conscious mind can be biased, can be manipulated by greed and fear. It does not always pick the most intelligent choice if it allows itself to be influenced by emotions. This is why we have developed a point system for comparison purposes. The computer always chooses based on the same logic with no outside influence.

The Luckalyzer point system is based on total points each team is awarded based on their luck readings (see chart below). Each of the four people in the event are rated in 3 areas (Smarts, Health, Emotions) and get points for each area. The coach and quarterback’s points are added together to arrive at a final score. Based on the chart below, the Eagles are awarded 17 points and the Patriots are awarded 16 points.

VG 4
G 3
B 2
VB 1
D 0

According to the point system, which has been the basis for all predictions in the past, the win goes to the Eagles, 17 to 16.

Foles: 3 + 3 + 2 = 8
Pederson: 2 + 4 + 3 = 9

Brady: 3 + 4 + 3 = 10
Bellicheck: 3 + 0 + 3 = 6

We predicted the Eagles weeks ago, before the Playoffs. Back then it was 14 to 1 for Eagles winning the Superbowl. Now going into the Super Bowl, the Patriots will be the favorite. All we need do is put a sizeable amount on the Patriots in case they decide to spoil the party. Score a profit either way.

No matter who wins February 4th, it will be another profitable Super Bowl thanks to Luckalyzer, the world’s most accurate Super Bowl predictor.

Luckalyzer’s 2017 Superbowl Prediction

Luckalyzer’s annual Superbowl prediction is in. Do you have your money on the correct team?

Based purely on the luck of the coach and the quarterback it appears the Patriots are the clear winner. Both of these critical team members are having great luck on Superbowl Sunday.

Looking at #1 rated Falcons, we can see their quarterback is not in the best of health and won’t be too happy on Sunday.

As for thier coach Dan Quinn, he needs to be on the top of his game but as you see, is brain will fail him.

If we tried to guess what may transpire in the game, it comes down to the Falcon’s coach making mistakes and their quarterback not feeling his beat (or perhaps he gets injured during the game).

Our Superbowl prediction (see disclaimer below) for 2017 goes to the underdogs, the New England Patriots.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this is based solely on the luck of the team’s two key players, the coach and the quarterback. It is possible another player such as the kicker, who needs to make a field goal to win, has bad luck and misses. A running back may run to the wrong field goal. This is by no way a very comprehensive examination. Luckalyzer’s success rate at predicting the winners now stand for 3 correct predictions out of 4 (75% success rate).

Hacienda Heights Lady Mauled By Viscious Dog On Super Unlucky Day.

Lanny Yao of Hacienda Heights was out walking her dog on the morning of October 16, 2015. She had already walked past several of her neighbors homes when suddenly, one of her neighbors dogs busted through the gate and attacked her visciously.

Lanny was rushed to the hospital where her wounds were treated. The dog had taken a couple chunks of Continue reading “Hacienda Heights Lady Mauled By Viscious Dog On Super Unlucky Day.”

Luckalyzer’s 2015 Super Bowl Analysis

We ran the coaches and quaterbacks readings to give us a prediction of who may be lucky and who may not. This does not take into account any other person making a mistake and giving the game to the other side.

But with sports books calling this game “too close to call”, we need something more to give one side or the other an edge.

Based on just this, it appears New England should prevail.

superbowl 15

Luckalyzer Warned Of Elvis Death

One of the best uses of Luckalyzer™ is to alert you to a day, where your luck is so bad, you could possibly die that day. Let me show you how it works with a true case study involving Elvis Presley.

The birth date and the day of death can easily be found online for any dead celebrity. If we use Elvis’s you will see the following report:

In the above graph I’ve outlined the day Elvis died. As you can see the life cycle that controls Elvis’s emotions was in the red for more than a week before Elvis’s death. This indicates he was very depressed in the time before his death.

Then in the two days before his death he faced TWO days of DANGER in his Intellectual and Physical! Elvis was a total wreck with three red lights in a row.

Finally on the 16th, Elvis’s Emotional was at a dangerous peak and actually highlighted in his report as a VERY BAD day for his emotions. I think this dangerous state and all the woes in the days leading up to the 16th, was just too much for Elvis.

Reports on his death state a heart attack (but that could be a cover up). Most people believe cause of death was because of the high amounts of drugs found in his system.

My opinion is it was an overdose and it could have been prevented. Looking at the chart above again, you can see that things started to get better for Elvis starting August 24.

If he would have only taken a vacation for about 10 days, did nothing but lay on a beach and catch some rays, he would be alive with us today.

By using Luckalyzer™ and knowing what life has in store for you, you CAN avoid bad luck and have a life that is truly blessed.

Luckalyzer Predicts Egyptian Presidents Overthrow.

Ok the title is a little misleading. Luckalyzer can not predict events but can only predict peoples luck. With that said, let’s examine Mohamed Morsi’s luck.

In the chart below we’ve run his report. Notice in his Emotional column everything was green up until July 3, 2013. On July 3 his Emotional turned to “DANGER”. It was going to be one of his most unhappiest days of his life.

Sure enough, his military staged a coup and arrested him and now have him in custody.


After that we see that his Emotional remains in red (with him under arrest it is no surprise, nobody could be happy in those conditions).

Everything cumulates up until July 14 and 15 when Morsi has the “death signal“. This is not a guarantee he will die, but if he is killed by the military or some other party. These will be the most likely days.

UPDATE JULY 16 : Still no word of where Morsi is or what his health is. But one thing did happen on Saturday July 14. The new government brought criminal charges against him. So yes, July 14, things did get worse for Morsi.

Fatal Shooting Of Coast Guardsman On Memorial Day Forseen By Luckalyzer

It was on Memorial Day of 2012 that Coast Guardsman Malcolm Dowdy was fatally shot. Had he only checked his Luckalyzer report he could have cheated death and been with us today. You see how important this is folks? Don’t let it happen to you!

Mr. Dowdy was born on June 26, 1978 and died of gunshot wounds on May 28, 2012. Putting that info into Luckalyzer we get the reading as shown below. Malcolm Dowdy had the classic DEATH SIGNAL that we have outlined here hundreds of times.

So what are the clues that Malcolm’s life was in danger? Take a look at Malcolm’s reading for May 28th, Memorial Day. He has a “D” in Emotional (one of the two requirements for the Death Signal). He also has a “B” in Physical. Anything in red is bad, with D (Danger) being the worst. Basically his body and heart are not going to be in a good place.

That alone is enough for injury, but death has one more component, the brain. The second component of the Death Signal is having a “D” in the Intellectual column on the day of death, or within one day. That’s EXACTLY what we see here.

If you have a reading like this. Check your plans and change them. Instead of going out, stay home and cheat death. Don’t let Malcolm’s death be in vain. The life you save may be your own this Memorial Day.

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of American Idol

Season 12 of American Idol concluded on May 16, 2013. Candice Glover and Kree Harrison were the two left standing.

As we wait for Ryan Seacrest to open the envelope and announce the winner let’s see who Luckalyzer says is having a better day (which the winner definately will be having).

You can see both contestants Luckalyzer reading for the night the winner is announced in the chart below.

Luckalyzer predicts American Idol Season 12 winner

In this situation we’ll ignore Intellect and Physical because the votes have been cast, all they need to do is stand there and look beautiful. So the only reading that matter is Emotional. Who is going to be the happiest?

Well we can clearly see Candice with a “G” (good) verses Kree with a “D” (danger). Canidice should be the winner. Ryan, please open the envelope and announce the winner:

Superbowl 2013 Predictions

It’s Superbowl time again and this year I will use Luckalyzer to handicap the game and make the following predictions:

Jim Harbaugh (12/23/1963): B D B
John Harbaugh (9/23/1962): G B D

Here we see John with a “G” for Intellectual while Jim has a “B”. Expect better decisions from John. In the third column (Emotional), we see Jim having the lesser of two evils (Bad vs Danger). Jim will probably be happier by the end of the day.

Conclusion: I would have to give the Raven’s coach the nod for best coaching.

Joe Flacco (1/16/1985): G G B
C. Kaerpernick (11/3/1987): D G G
Alex Smith (5/7/1984): G D B

Let’s start with happiness. Kaerpernick is the only one with a “G” in the third column. May or may not mean his team wins.

The second column measures Physical. Smith has a DANGER which means he could get hurt if allowed to play. The other two are in great shape.

The first column is Intelligence. Flacco will be making some great decisions while Kaerpernick may be making the wrong decisions.

Conclusion: If you go by smart plays, then Flacco and the Ravens are it.