How To Find The Death Signal

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In this article I’ll show you how to use Luckalyzer to find days where you can die. Once you have pinpointed a deadly day, you can then take the appropriate action to avoid your death. Let’s get started.

There are only two ways to die in this world, natural or unnatural causes. Let’s face it, we are all going to die some day of natural causes. Our bodies do not last forever. Luckalyzer can not predict days you will die of natural causes because that type of death is normal. It is not caused by good or bad luck, it’s just your time.

With that said, if your life is cut short and you die of unnatural causes, that can be predicted because that is pure bad luck. In order to recognize such deadly bad luck it’s best to study the Luckalyzer Charts of celebrities who met their death through unnatural causes to see if there is any similarities.

In the graphic below I display the Luckalyzer Charts of five celebrities who died of unnatural causes (James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson). I like to use celebrities because anyone can look up the birth and death date to confirm what I’m about to reveal to you.

I’ll first discuss how each celebrity died (in order to show how well Luckalyzer works) and then I’ll examine the similarities in the charts so you’ll know what to look for.

The first celebrity, James Dean, died in a car accident. He was in physical good shape and had no emotional problems (unlike the other celebrities). What caused his death was just some bad decisions on his part (see the VB in Intellectual).

James Dean had a Porsche he needed to transport to a race in Northern California. He had originally planned to tow it but at the last minute decided to drive it instead (bad choice #1). His second bad decision came when he saw a car about to turn in front of him. James Dean assumed the other driver would see him and yield the right of way (according to a passenger in his car who survived). Instead of slowing down, he continued heading towards the other driver resulting in the accident that killed him. According to Luckalyzer, he should have avoided using his brain that day and he would have cheated death.

John Lennon could have avoided his death by staying indoors (thus avoiding his murder). You can see in his chart he has nothing but a lot of bad luck. With this type of luck you really should stay home.

Michael Jackson has an interesting yet accurate chart of his death. According to accounts he was practicing for an upcoming tour and was in good physical shape (hence the green in Physical). However, after practice he made a (deadly) decision to ask his nurse to administer drugs that would help him sleep. The nurse refused so he became emotional (another deadly mistake here) and begged for the drugs (which were eventually given and killed him). Avoiding decisions and not becoming emotional would have saved Micheal’s life.

Marilyn Monroe is an interesting case. Found dead in her home of a drug overdose doctors rules it a suicide. However, according to reports (and evedince supports this theory) it was either murder or manslaughter. It seems her doctor administered a drug but he was unaware that she was also taking a different drug. The two drugs together caused her accidental death. If you look at her Luckalyzer Chart you’ll see the green in Intellectual also supports that she did not do anything stupid like commit suicide.

Finally we get to Elvis. Elvis’s chart is very similar to John Lennon. Elvis did stay inside. However even that didn’t stop him from dying. Elvis made a lot if bad decisions in a very bad emotional state. He consumed large amounts of drugs into his body which caused his death.

Notice how each of their deaths lined up with their Luckalyzer readings. By avoiding the areas of their life marked as bad luck these deaths could have been avoided. Now lets examine how you can avoid the same fate.

Notice how in all the charts there is a “D” or a “VB” in Emotional within two days of their deaths? The exception is Marilyn Monroe. I’ve tried looking for the time of her death to see if it was close to midnight. Perhaps the time of death might be a few minutes off (resulting in the wrong day being listed on her death certificate) which might explain why she has a “D” three days later instead of two. My advice, be careful of all days where there is a “D” or “VB” in Emotional for the day, or in the next two days.

Also look at Intellectual. Notice that there is a double “D” or a double “VB” on that day or within one day. Again, the only exception is Marilyn Monroe. If you take this signal, along with the signal in the previous paragraph, then you’ll have a day where you could potentially die.

The best way to spot these signals is with Premier Access to Luckalyzer. With Premier Access you’ll be able to see into the future so you can easily find these deadly days. Click here to learn more about Premier Access.

Whant more proof? Click here to read a case study on sports figures who ignored their Luckalyzer warnings and met their untimely deaths.

  1. Hester
    November 4th, 2011 at 19:32 | #1

    I want to know when something is going to happen to me

  2. admin
    November 6th, 2011 at 22:11 | #2

    “Something” is going to happen to you everyday. Luckalyzer does not predict what will happen to you, that is all up to your actions. What Luckalyzer can do is predict when good luck or bad luck will hit. What you make of that information is up to you. For example, the other day I had the “death signal”. So I changed my normal routine for that day and I was able to cheat death and avoid the bad luck. Had I not changed, I doubt I would be here today to reply.

  3. December 6th, 2012 at 06:27 | #3

    After reading all the comments coded for celebrity, it seems you cannot predict anything, it depends on the day and your action creat the pros and cons of your luck. the question is how could i know today is my lucky day or not. is there any scientific method to apply to measure the upcoming events in life.
    For example: some time we try to reach any destination and we plan accordingly but some hurdles come around and get us late. Another situation sometime we dont plan but everthing become positive and give favourable result.
    I want to know the upcoming good things happens in my life for the next 03 months including travelling, promotions and health

  4. admin
    December 8th, 2012 at 01:09 | #4

    It sounds like all the things you want to know are included with Premier Access Membership.

    As per your comment on celebrities, Luckalyzer predicts days that are extremely dangerous and could lead to death. Luckalyzer CANNOT predict if that person will die. That is up to them. If they put themselves in a dangerous position on a day with the death signal, then the chances of something bad happening increases, and vice versa.

    As for reaching a destination and encountering hurdles, THAT is the ups and downs of your life. Luckalyzer can help you pinpoint those hurdles (Premier Access allows you to set warnings when these hurdles are coming so you can avoid them. For example, on your path to success your brain is experienceing bad luck. You don’t check Luckalyzer and don’t realize your brain is not functioning at it’s peak so you go and make an important decision that eventually causes your failure. Luckalyzer CANNOT predict if you will succeeed or fail, that is still up to you.

    If you want to know the upcoming good things in your life then I suggest you get Priemier Access. You can see 3 months ahead. Look at the PHYSICAL column to know when your health will be good or bad. As for travelling, it can’t predict when or where you will travel. It can predict days where all goes right so that you can plan to travel on those days for the best experience. As for promotions, I would use my Premier Access to find my luckiest days for EMOTION and INTELLECT and ask for my promotion on those days for the best chance of succes.

  5. Dee
    December 15th, 2012 at 06:01 | #5

    Okay, just came across this site because I was looking for a luck calculator that is not based on Venus and the moon because I’m sick and tired of it giving me low scores when I don’t do anything to deserve the low scores. Now I come to this site and all it tells me that I’m going to have bad luck and all it said was to hang in there? I haven’t put out any bad karma against nobody. What happened to positive influences to help somebody out? How do you all figure this stuff out about what days are increased for a person to have bad luck or worse, an increased chance for death? So we should all be shut ins or something on certain days? While you all are “predicting” someone’s increase for tragedy on certain days, why don’t you all help people to increase their good karma instead of scaring the crap out of them to avoid these downfalls altogether? Thanks for making things more gloomy than they already are…….

  6. admin
    December 15th, 2012 at 09:03 | #6

    Yes I agree. We don’t believe in Astrology either. How can everyone in the world be broken down into only 1 of 12 possible scenario’s. With Luckalyzer, everyone’s reading is different. Only the people who were born on the exact day AND year as you will have the same reading (explains why twins go through and experience the same things simultaneously).

    In your comment you suggest luck has to do with “karma”. Karma has nothing to do with luck. That is why you hear daily news stories of nice, innocent people being killed, money stolen, etc..Bad things happen to good people (and bad people). It has to do with a persons “life” cycles as explained here:

    And as for your last point of helping people, that is EXACTLY the point of Luckalyzer. The reason Luckalyzer shows bad luck (in addition to good luck) is so that a person can know in advance and take the necessary steps to avoid the bad luck. Example: recently we saw Romney lose the second and third Presidential debate. Luckalyzer showed that in Romney’s report months before the debates took place. Had Romney used Luckalyzer and been warned of his bad luck against President Obama, he could have scheduled it for another day. A day where his luck would have been better than Obama’s. Doing so would have helped him possibly win all three debates and the Presidency. Being alerted to bad luck is a GOOD thing.

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