How To Make Smarter Decisions

We’ve all done it. We’ve all made a stupid decision that brought us results we didn’t want. Those who don’t own up to their mistakes blame it on bad luck.

So how does one make smarter decisions? Tap into your “Wisdom”. Wisdom is the combination of school smarts (the knowledge you have that was taught to you by parents, teachers, or mentors) and Continue reading “How To Make Smarter Decisions”

How To Increase Mastery

Mastery allows you to learn new tasks quickly. Mastery also helps you excel at doing tasks. Here are a few scenarios that will require Mastery:

You are a Chef looking for work (or an Actor looking to act, etc). When you go on an audition you will usually have to show your skills by preparing a dish. Having Mastery on your side will ensure you are at the peak of your game.

You are travelling to a new country. One where you don’t know the language. You’ll need to quickly master that countries language. Having good Mastery will make learning the language easier.

So how do you increase your Mastery? Studies have shown that Mastery is a combination of your Physical and Intellectual cycles. When both of those life-cycles are in the green your Mastery is high. It is a perfect time to take advantage of it (see pic below).


Luckalyzer Not Working For You? Here’s How To Fix It.

Sometimes a person’s biological clock can be off. We see this when traveling. You may know it as “Jet Lag”. Your body is used to a certain cycle. However, sometimes ageing and traveling can get your biological cycles (or Biorhythms) out of sync.

When your cycles are out of sync, Luckalyzer will lose accuracy. To get your cycles back in sync, we recommend AM/PM (see the picture below).

AM/PM by Nutrigen

This innovative new product, according to the label and to our own experience with it, will get your biorhythms back in sync. Once your body is working in harmony again, you will have a much happier and healthier life.

Click this link now for more details or to buy AM/PM.

How Secondary Biorhythms Can Increase Your Luck

Did you know you can combine your three primary biorhythms into more powerful, secondary biorhythms that you can control and use to bring you all the things you want in life?

We explained in a previous post how humans came to have three primary life-cycles (biorhythms). If you have used Luckalyzer for the free daily report, you are then familiar how to increase luck with these three cycles.

But did you know that you can combine these three primary cycles into three secondary, and more powerful, biorhythms you can then control to make your life much happier?

For example, not only were humans created with three cycles that control our luck, our mood, our intelligence and more, but the human eye was created “trichromatic”. That means it can only see three colors, the three primary colors of Blue, Green, and Red. All the other colors that you see are a combination of the three primary colors (see the chart below on the left).

Secondary biorhythms

If you want a happier, healthier, and more successful life, then you should combine your three primary biorhythms to make more powerful biorhythms. Look at the chart above on the right and you can see that by combining the three primary cycles, you can create three secondary cycles, Passion, Wisdom, and Mastery.

When you upgrade Luckalyzer to Premier Access, Luckalyzer will look 60 days into the future and will calculate these secondary cycles for you. You’ll know exactly what days could be lucky and unlucky for you (still depends on what you do with the info, ignore or use).

Think back for a moment to some happy and successful people you have known. They probably got there because they had a “passion” for what they did, they learned how to “master” what they do, and they had the “wisdom” to put their plan into action.

Now you can too. Simply make important decisions on lucky Wisdom days and perform your duties on lucky Mastery and Passion days.

I’ll close this post with an example. Suppose your spouse has been complaining there is no romance in your relationship. Why not find a day when your passion and your spouses passion are “lucky”. Take that day and plan a romantic evening. It will probably turn out the best you ever had.

Oh… and one more. If you want to pop the question to your lovely girlfriend, find your lucky passion days and ask then. One word of advice. Make sure your Wisdom is also lucky or you may regret your brief moment of passion later, down the road.

How To Increase Your Passion.

Passion is what drives success whether it’s a career, business venture, or even a romantic relationship. Here are a few scenarios that will require Passion:

You are in the bank to raise money for a business venture. If your Passion for what you do shows through, you could get the money.

It’s Valentines and increased Passion could be the difference from a great evening and a rather boring one.

Singer’s who have a Passion for singing, are usually more successful.

So how do you increase your Passion? Studies have shown that Passion is a combination of your Physical and Emotional cycles. When both of those life-cycles are in the green your Passion is high and a perfect time to take advantage of it (see pic below).


TIP: Want to be super romantic? Plan a “passionate” date when both you and your date have your Physical and Emotional cycles in the green.

How To Pick Winner Of A Boxing Match

In this post I will examine how we can use Luckalyzer to handicap and pick the winner of a boxing match, based solely on luck alone.

I went to Wikipedia and randomly chose 8 Lennox Lewis fights. In the graph below you will see the date of the fight. The outcome of the fight as well as who it was against and the opponents birthday (so you can verify these readings yourself).

I then took that info and ran the reading of how much luck each boxer would have on the night of the fight. I’ve listed Luckalyzer’s reading of each boxer as well as converting that reading into a number that can be used for comparisons (please see the chart in the upper right of the graphic). Here is how each boxer compared against the other on the night of the fight:

Lennox Lewis's fights analyzed by Luckalyzer

Now that you have data to work with, it’s time to handicap. If you use the following three rules, you would have picked all 8 winners (EVEN picking Rahmen at 20-1 to win. We cleaned up there.) :

Rule 1:
Choose the boxer that has a “G” or “VG” for the middle letter (this rates their Physical abilities). ex: on 9/24/94 above, McCall had a reading of “B G B”. The middle letter is a “G” and is thus our selection to win. NOTE: If both boxers qualify, choose the one with the higher number (found below their reading).

Rule 2:
If neither of the boxers qualified above, then look for a “G” or “VG” to be the letter on the left of the reading (this represents who will be the happiest, hence a good indicator of being the winner). ex: on 4/21/01 when the longshot Rahmen beat Lennox, Rahmen had a “G” while Lennox had a “B”. Clearly Rahmen was going to be happier that day then Lennox. And history showed that he was, after he won.

Rule 3:
If neither boxer qualifies under the above two rules, I have one more. Choose the boxer that has the most ranking points (based on the system as outlined in the graphic). If both boxers have the same points, bet on the one offering the better odds.

Summary: Following the above three rules, a bettor would have won 7 and tied on one. How well would it do on other boxers? We have not run the tests on them but you are more than welcome to run some of your own to verify the ease and simplicity of using Luckalyzer to handicap professional prize fights.

The first thing you will need is FREE Luckalyzer account. Then you can upgrade that FREE account to PREMIER ACCESS at which point you’ll be able to do readings on as many people as you want. It can be in the past or in the future. You can get all the birthdates you need off the internet and start creating your own system for beating the bookies.

Please note, just because this has worked in the past does not mean it will work in the future. Prize fights have been known to be fixed and there will always be risk.

How To Handle Time Zones

Recently a user contacted us and asked “I was born in America and now live in Japan which is one day later, which day should I use for calculations?”.

In our post “How Does Luckalyzer Work” we discovered that life’s ups and downs are based on cycles our bodies go through. These cycles can be plotted and charted.

Therefore, we recommend you use the same timezone for both your birthdate and the date being analyzed. So if it’s the 20th in Japan but only the 19th in America, you would use the 19th’s reading if you were born in America.

How A Simple App Can Change The Outcome Of An Election

Over the last two weeks, Obama and Romney participated in the first two Presidential Debates. Obama won one and Romney won one. If only Obama or Romney had heard of Luckalyzer, they could have used it to ensure they won BOTH debates and ensured themselves a good chance at winning the Presidency.

Three months ago I used Luckalyzer to predict who would win the first and second Presidential Debates. Luckalyzer was correct on both predictions.

You can read the predictions here.

Romney won the first and Obama the second (according to CNBC, CBS News, Forbes). If Obama had used Luckalyzer, like I did, he would have known that on October 3 his brain was not working well and he would lose to Romney. Armed with this info, he should have rescheduled the debate to a day he was thinking better than Romney. In this fashion, Obama could have won both debates and really ensure a good lead over Romney.

BTW, same goes for Romney. If he knew in advance, like I did, that he would lose on October 16, he could have changed the day to debate to a better one.

So once again, we see more good people failing because they refused to follow the advice of Luckalyzer.

We make it so simple for you. Luckalyzer has a built-in feature that will monitor your highs and lows and warn you, in advance, of upcoming success or failure. This feature is available only to PREMIER MEMBERS.

Don’t make the same mistake President Obama or Governer Romney did. It’s not worth it. It’s only a $10 fee for a whole year of protection. Login to your account and upgrade now.

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Presidential Debate 2012

The Presidential Debates start on October 3rd and the whole world is waiting to see who will come out on top. Fortunately at Luckalyzer, we don’t have to wait.

We used Luckalyzer to analyze the life cycles of the two candidates, President Obama and Mitt Romney. What we wanted to know is who will speak the best on October 3rd? Which candidate is using his brain on all cyclinders?

Unfortunately, people don’t always vote for who is the slickest talker. Sometimes voters are looking for the candidate that is looking out for them. Sometimes voters look past words and look more to the action. Which candidate is more passionate about looking out for the little guy and doing the right thing.

In the graph below we ran both candidates life cycles. There are three life cycles represented by the three columns. They range from “VG” (Very Good) to “D” (Danger). Actual ranks are: VG – G – B – VB – D.

The column on the left measures how well that candidates brain will be functioning. As we see below, President Obama’s brain will be making the right moves as it has a “G” compared to Romney’s “B”.

It’s also one thing to be smart, but another to be WISE. Wisdom comes from the column on the left AND the column on the right combined. You have Obama with a G/G vs Romney’s B/VG (which averages out to G/G). It’s close but Obama gets the slight nod.

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Presidential Debate

But who has the passion? Passion is measured with the center column and the right column combined. Obama has a “D” (Danger) and a “G” (Good). Romney on the other hand has a “G” and a “VG” (Very Good). That combination of G/VG is more powerful than D/G. They both have a “G”, but Romney comes out ahead with the “VG” compared to Obama’s “D”.

Since Romney wins the passion clearly, and it’s close on Wisdom, Romney gets the pick to win the first Presidential Debate.

BTW, notice how Romney has the highest ranking possible in the far right column with a “VG”? This column represents that persons emotions. On October 3rd, Romney will be much happier than President Obama. Could this mean he feels he did the best?

UPDATE: October 4th 2012, the jury is in and Romney came out the clear leader according to polls by CBS News of the most important voters, the uncommitted.

Click here to read Luckalyzer’s prediction for the second presidential debate On October 16, 2012.