Luckalyzer’s 2018 Superbowl Prediction

Luckalyzer’s annual Superbowl prediction is in. Do you have your money on the correct team?

Based purely on the luck of the coach and the quarterback, this year is going to be EXTREMELY close.

Looking at the Quarterbacks, we find Tom Brady’s reading is much superior to Nick Foles. We will give the Patriots the win based on quaterback alone. However, if we look at the reading of the coach’s. Doug Pederson has a better reading. The Eagles get the nod here based on overall.

There is a twist. I would consider it more important for a coach to be thinking smart and it’s not as important for a coach to be in good health. Based on that I would have to go with the Patriots whose coach fits that profile.

All the above assumes a human is thinking and handicapping the event. This can be a weakness as the conscious mind can be biased, can be manipulated by greed and fear. It does not always pick the most intelligent choice if it allows itself to be influenced by emotions. This is why we have developed a point system for comparison purposes. The computer always chooses based on the same logic with no outside influence.

The Luckalyzer point system is based on total points each team is awarded based on their luck readings (see chart below). Each of the four people in the event are rated in 3 areas (Smarts, Health, Emotions) and get points for each area. The coach and quarterback’s points are added together to arrive at a final score. Based on the chart below, the Eagles are awarded 17 points and the Patriots are awarded 16 points.

VG 4
G 3
B 2
VB 1
D 0

According to the point system, which has been the basis for all predictions in the past, the win goes to the Eagles, 17 to 16.

Foles: 3 + 3 + 2 = 8
Pederson: 2 + 4 + 3 = 9

Brady: 3 + 4 + 3 = 10
Bellicheck: 3 + 0 + 3 = 6

We predicted the Eagles weeks ago, before the Playoffs. Back then it was 14 to 1 for Eagles winning the Superbowl. Now going into the Super Bowl, the Patriots will be the favorite. All we need do is put a sizeable amount on the Patriots in case they decide to spoil the party. Score a profit either way.

No matter who wins February 4th, it will be another profitable Super Bowl thanks to Luckalyzer, the world’s most accurate Super Bowl predictor.

Luckalyzer’s 2017 Superbowl Prediction

Luckalyzer’s annual Superbowl prediction is in. Do you have your money on the correct team?

Based purely on the luck of the coach and the quarterback it appears the Patriots are the clear winner. Both of these critical team members are having great luck on Superbowl Sunday.

Looking at #1 rated Falcons, we can see their quarterback is not in the best of health and won’t be too happy on Sunday.

As for thier coach Dan Quinn, he needs to be on the top of his game but as you see, is brain will fail him.

If we tried to guess what may transpire in the game, it comes down to the Falcon’s coach making mistakes and their quarterback not feeling his beat (or perhaps he gets injured during the game).

Our Superbowl prediction (see disclaimer below) for 2017 goes to the underdogs, the New England Patriots.

Disclaimer: Please be aware this is based solely on the luck of the team’s two key players, the coach and the quarterback. It is possible another player such as the kicker, who needs to make a field goal to win, has bad luck and misses. A running back may run to the wrong field goal. This is by no way a very comprehensive examination. Luckalyzer’s success rate at predicting the winners now stand for 3 correct predictions out of 4 (75% success rate).

How To Save Your Report

OK here is another great video. This one shows how to save your Luckalyzer Calendar to your computer so you can refer to it for months to come. I’ll also show you how to put the calendar as your desktop, for easy viewing each day.

NOTE: This video was created 7 years ago so the look may be outdated, however all the steps shown still apply. Also, to view Calendars in Luckalyzer you must have upgraded to Premier Access.

Luckalyzer’s Super Bowl 2014 Prediction

It’s Super Bowl time again.

Last year, Luckalyzer successfully handicapped the winner of that game. This year we will use Luckalyzer, once again, to handicap the game and make the following prediction:


John Fox (2/8/1955):
Pete Carroll (9/15/1951):

Here we see John with a “B” for Intellectual while Jim has a “D”. Expect better decisions from John. In the third column (Emotional), we see John with a “G” for emotional. Looks like he is happier.

Conclusion: I would have to give John Fox the nod for better coaching.


Peyton Manning (3/24/1976):
Russell Wilson (11/29/1988):

Let’s start with happiness. Wilson is the only one with a “G” in the Emotional column. May or may not mean his team wins but he definately will have the best spirits going into the game.

The middle column measures Physical. Very important attribute. Manning gets the nod with his “Very Good” versus Wilson’s “Bad”.

The first column is Intelligence. Manning will be making better decisions while Wilson, on offense, will be making wrong ones.

Conclusion: Manning has the better overall luck.

With both, Manning and Fox having the better luck over their counterparts, it looks like the Broncos is our pick to win.

Mayweather VS Canelo Prediction

The big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez will take place at the MGM in Vegas on September 14, 2013.

We’ve decided to use Luckalyzer to predict the winner as outlined here in “How To Pick The Winner Of A Boxing Match“.

So we took Mayweather’s birthday of 2/24/1977 and Canelo’s birthday of 7/18/1990 and ran both through Luckalyzer to determine how well each boxer’s, brain, body, and heart will be performing. See the results below.

Mayweather vs Canelo
Mayweather vs Canelo

If you look at each boxer’s “Physical” life-cycle. Mayweather has a DANGER and Canelo has VERY BAD. Just goes to show that boxing is not good on a person’s body.

Compare the other two life-cycles and you can see that Canelo should be hungrier (fighting with his heart) and will be making better decisions (fighting with his brain).

Using Luckalyzer, the fight doesn’t even seem close. Canelo gets the nod and should win the fight, handing Mayweather his first defeat EVER.

Will Luckalyzer predict Floyd Mayweather’s first defeat? Find out tomorrow night.

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Luckalyzer Releases Predictions For Presidential Debate 3

Winner: OBAMA

In the graph below you’ll find the Luckalyzer readings of the two candidates on October 22, 2012.

The left column represents Intellect or Brains. We see Romney coming off as the smartest with his VG (Very Good) vs Obama’s B (Bad).

The middle column is Physical or Body. Obama appears to be in better health and Romney has a dangerous D (Danger).

The right column measures Emotions or Heart. It appears Obama wins here with his G (Good) vs Romney’s B (Bad). Obama will touch the people’s hearts better.

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Presidential Debate

Overall it looks like we have Romney being the slick talker (appealing to the intellect), while Obama hits at a person’s emotions. So who will be the victor?

Luckalyzer gave Obama a B-G-G and Romney a VG-D-B. Now remember, Luckalyzer ranks in the following order: VG => G => B => VB => D.

So we see that Romney has a VG and a D. Both are on the extreme ends. So lets average these out and move the “VG” down two ranks and the “D” up two ranks.

This will now give Romney a ranking of B-B-B compared to Obama’s B-G-G. If we eliminate the “B” that both have in the first column we now see a clear winner. Obama’s G-G vs Romney’s B-B.

Now if you want to go into more details we can mix the three primary cycles. Much like you can mix the three primary colors, you can mix the three cycles to make other, more complex cycles:

Mastery (two left columns) encompasses a persons ability to succeed at tasks and to obtain what they desire. We see Romney with VG-D (median of B-B) vs Obama’s B-G. Obama’s scores 1.

Passion (two right columns) encompasses a persons motivation to act, and the drive that allows a person to continue a difficult pursuit. We see Romney with D-B vs Obama’s G-G. Obama 2, Romney 0.

Wisdom (left and right columns) is the cycle that tracks the presence of mind that a person needs to make crucial decisions. We see Romney with VG-B vs Obama’s B-G. The both have a “B” so it’s really “VG” vs “G”. This one goes to Romney.

Final score on secondaries: Obama 2 and Romney 1.

UPDATE OCTOBER 22: I did a search on Google for “who won the third presidential debate” and these two came up on top. Both claimed Obama has won as predicted by Luckalyzer.

Forbes calls Obama:

Washington Post calls Obama:

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Second Debate

On October 16th we’ll get to see the second Presidential Debate between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.

Click here to read Luckalyzer’s prediction for the first presidential debate.

In the second debate, it seems we have the opposite of the first debate. President Obama will have the passion (G/B vs VB/B) and Romney will present the better arguments (G/B vs Obama’s B/B). You can view the readings in the chart below:

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Presidential Debate

In the graph above there are three life cycles represented by the three columns in the row. Each column has a ranking from “VG” (Very Good) to “D” (Danger). Actual ranks are: VG – G – B – VB – D.

Overall, Obama has a B-G-B and Romney has G-VB-B. If we compare the two we can use process of elimination to see who has the edge. Both candidates have a “G”, both have a “B”. That leaves the final set.

Obama has a “B” left and Romney has a “VB”. Since B is better than VB we’ll give the nod to President Obama coming out ahead in the 2nd debate (since it is so close, there may be no clear winner).

UPDATE OCT 16 2012: The results are in and once again Luckalyzer picks the winner three months in advance. Here are the reports from various news agencies:

CNBC Viewer Poll gives it to Obama:
Forbes gives it to Obama:
CBS News gives it to Obama: