Luckalyzer Correctly Picks Winner Of All Three Presidential Debates

October 27th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

In it’s very first attempt at predicting the outcome of all three Presidential Debates, Luckalyzer scored three for three. This once again proves the amazing power of this app at predicting the future of any human.

The odds of the three debates ending with Romney, Obama, Obama as the winners is 8-1. I’m not sure how much Vegas was giving on that outcome, but if you had used Luckalyzer to handicap the three debates as I did, you would have cleaned up.

I get asked all the time how this app is able to predict correctly time and again. The answer is in the medical science behind Luckalyzer. Based on the research of several doctors. We have taken that research and coded into Luckalyzer.

All I had to do was run Luckalyzer on Romney and Obama and it was easily apparent whose brain would be working better. Who was going to be the most passionate about their plans, etc. Knowing how each contestants body is going to perform, you can then just compare and see who is having the best day. That’s really all it takes to see into the future.

Here are the three predictions (made well in advance) and the results as documented by independent third parties such as Forbes and CBS:

Presidential Debate 1
Presidential Debate 2
Presidential Debate 3

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