Luckalyzer’s Super Bowl 2014 Prediction

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It’s Super Bowl time again.

Last year, Luckalyzer successfully handicapped the winner of that game. This year we will use Luckalyzer, once again, to handicap the game and make the following prediction:


John Fox (2/8/1955):
Pete Carroll (9/15/1951):

Here we see John with a “B” for Intellectual while Jim has a “D”. Expect better decisions from John. In the third column (Emotional), we see John with a “G” for emotional. Looks like he is happier.

Conclusion: I would have to give John Fox the nod for better coaching.


Peyton Manning (3/24/1976):
Russell Wilson (11/29/1988):

Let’s start with happiness. Wilson is the only one with a “G” in the Emotional column. May or may not mean his team wins but he definately will have the best spirits going into the game.

The middle column measures Physical. Very important attribute. Manning gets the nod with his “Very Good” versus Wilson’s “Bad”.

The first column is Intelligence. Manning will be making better decisions while Wilson, on offense, will be making wrong ones.

Conclusion: Manning has the better overall luck.

With both, Manning and Fox having the better luck over their counterparts, it looks like the Broncos is our pick to win.

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