Bird Poops On Frigid Woman

A Luckalyzer™ user recently related an interesting success story.

Cheryl has a husband who works the graveyard shift. On May 21, he come home after his shift feeling a little frisky. Hoping his wife would help him with his problem, he woke her up.

Unfortunately for him, Cheryl was not in the mood and refused him.

Later that day while Cheryl was walking to her car after work, a bird flew over and actually pooped on her. Have you ever had a bird poop on you? I never had and I’m 52 so the odds have to be high.

Wondering why she was so devoid of love for her husband this morning, AND why she was so unlucky to have a bird poop on her, she turned to Luckalyzer™.

When she got home she quickly ran her free daily report and saw the following:

Luckalyzer Reading

Her Physical luck was so bad it warned Cheryl to stay indoors (and therefore, the bird could not poop on her). In addition, her Emotional luck was Bad which explained the negative mood for sex with her husband.

We here at Luckalyzer™ wish Cheryl the best. Hang in there, your luck will get better soon.

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