Luckalyzer Predicts My Lucky Win At WSOP

In this article I put Luckalyzer to the test. Can it really predict lucky days? For my test I’m going to use the 2010 World Series Of Poker currently being held at the Rio in Las Vegas.

First I check my Luckalyzer Report for any days in the near future that are extremely lucky. After running my report, here is what I saw:

My luck analyzed for 5/31/2010

As you can see above, my luck turned all green (good things will just happen) on May 27th and would continue until June 2, 2010. So I put in for a vacation so I could take advantage of this short period of amazing good luck.

I’ve always had a dream to go to Las Vegas and play in the World Series Of Poker. What better place to test Luckalyzer the luck analyzing software, then at the prestigous World Series Of Poker!

I packed my bags and by 10:00 AM on May 31st, 2010 I was actually standing on the convention floor of the World Series Of Poker. I had arrived with $500 in my pocket and a plan. The plan was to take that $500 and play in three one-table tournaments and see how my luck worked. Was it really as good as Luckalyzer claims?

In the first event, I went all in with the best hand and was called by a player who had ONLY three outs to win. Naturally, his card hit and I was out, losing the $175 buy-in fee.

I was upset. How could Luckalyzer let me down. It’s always been accurate at predicting my bad luck, why not the good? Some folks may have given up and claimed the software doesn’t work. However, I know one test is not enough.

I took some time to calm down and think the situation over. My plan was to play three and make a determination then on the accuracy of the software that runs Luckalyzer.

In my second one-table tourney I found myself heads up, and even on chips with my opponent. He suggested we end here and split the winnings ($1,620). I agreed and pocketed $810 – $175 entry fee = $635 profit!

The third one-table found me in the final three with the smallest amount of chips. I quickly asked for a split, the other two agreed, and I pocketed $540 – $175 entry = $365 profit.

You can see my buy-in receipts below. When all was said and done, I made a profit of $825. It was my first World Series Of Poker win and I did it in about two hours.

receipts for my World series Of Poker buyins

But Hold On… It’s Not Over Yet, It Gets Even Crazier!

I beat the World Series Of Poker, maybe I was just lucky at cards. Luckalyzer says I should be real lucky so testing just one game was not enough. I wanted to test my luck on other games.

I went to the Let It Ride table. On my very first hand I made a straight. With a 20 bet and $1 on the bonus, I just won $125!

I left that table and went to try my luck at the poker room. I found a seat in the busy room and bought in. The dealer asked for a player card and I said I didn’t have one. Another player suggested I get one because new players who play one hour get $25 bonus from the casino. Sweet.

I got the card and played exactly one hour. At the end of that hour I went and collected my $25. I went and cashed in my chips for a profit of $160 in that hour. $160 + $25 bonus = $185. I just made another $185 for that hour!

Ok poker has been fantastic. Now lets try the video poker. I went to the video poker bar for a drink and to test my luck at the video poker machine. I put in $20 and immediatly hit four of a kind! I played three more hands, hit nothing and quit with a profit of $145 in a matter of minutes!

Everything I touched turned to gold. Time for one more test before going home to bed. There was a $120 buy-in poker event being held that evening at 7pm. I bought into the tournament and boy was I shocked when I looked at my seat assignment (see photo). They had givem me Table 77 Seat 7. 777! Is this an ominous signal of whats to come?

Unfortunately my luck didn’t work at this event. Well you can’t expect to win everything could you? I got knocked out before making it into the money so no profit here, just a loss of $120 on this event.

After testing Luckalyzer for a full day, I definately was lucky as claimed. My overall winnings by the end of the day were: $825 + $125 + $145 + $185 – $120 = $1,160 in profits!

If you are ready to cash in like I did, I recommend you check your luck now to see if you have a lucky day coming.

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