Luckalyzer Warned Of Elvis Death

One of the best uses of Luckalyzer™ is to alert you to a day, where your luck is so bad, you could possibly die that day. Let me show you how it works with a true case study involving Elvis Presley.

The birth date and the day of death can easily be found online for any dead celebrity. If we use Elvis’s you will see the following report:

In the above graph I’ve outlined the day Elvis died. As you can see the life cycle that controls Elvis’s emotions was in the red for more than a week before Elvis’s death. This indicates he was very depressed in the time before his death.

Then in the two days before his death he faced TWO days of DANGER in his Intellectual and Physical! Elvis was a total wreck with three red lights in a row.

Finally on the 16th, Elvis’s Emotional was at a dangerous peak and actually highlighted in his report as a VERY BAD day for his emotions. I think this dangerous state and all the woes in the days leading up to the 16th, was just too much for Elvis.

Reports on his death state a heart attack (but that could be a cover up). Most people believe cause of death was because of the high amounts of drugs found in his system.

My opinion is it was an overdose and it could have been prevented. Looking at the chart above again, you can see that things started to get better for Elvis starting August 24.

If he would have only taken a vacation for about 10 days, did nothing but lay on a beach and catch some rays, he would be alive with us today.

By using Luckalyzer™ and knowing what life has in store for you, you CAN avoid bad luck and have a life that is truly blessed.

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