Mark Zuckerberg Uses Luckalyzer?

Unless you are living in a cave you’ve probably read the news that on May 18, 2012 Mark Zuckerberg took Facebook public. It was the biggest IPO in history.

What you may not know, is that the next day, Mark married Priscilla Chan.

If we take a look at Mark’s Luckalyzer reading (below) we find that Mark’s luck was running bad until May 18, 2012 when his WISDOM cycle (combination of Intellectual and Emotional) became extremely lucky. It was on that day he successfully pulled off the largest IPO in history.

Mark only had a three day window where his WISDOM was running extremely lucky (all green). So not only did he do the IPO on the 18th, he got married on the 19th to insure a long and happy marriage.

Mark Zuckerberg's good luck predicted by Luckalyzer.

In hindsight, either Mark Zuckerberg’s good fortune and happy marriage was predicted by Luckalyzer, or Mark Zuckerberg used Luckalyzer to plan his IPO and marriage to occur on lucky days.

UPDATE: On May 21, 2012, Marks luck went to bad, especially Emotional. On that day, the value of Marks company, Facebook, dropped 10% ($10 billion wiped out). The next day, the 22nd, another $8 billion of value out the window. You can see from the chart above that his Emotional had gone bad. Something bad was going to happen. Now we know what it is.

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