Luckalyzer Predicts Egyptian Presidents Overthrow.

Ok the title is a little misleading. Luckalyzer can not predict events but can only predict peoples luck. With that said, let’s examine Mohamed Morsi’s luck.

In the chart below we’ve run his report. Notice in his Emotional column everything was green up until July 3, 2013. On July 3 his Emotional turned to “DANGER”. It was going to be one of his most unhappiest days of his life.

Sure enough, his military staged a coup and arrested him and now have him in custody.


After that we see that his Emotional remains in red (with him under arrest it is no surprise, nobody could be happy in those conditions).

Everything cumulates up until July 14 and 15 when Morsi has the “death signal“. This is not a guarantee he will die, but if he is killed by the military or some other party. These will be the most likely days.

UPDATE JULY 16 : Still no word of where Morsi is or what his health is. But one thing did happen on Saturday July 14. The new government brought criminal charges against him. So yes, July 14, things did get worse for Morsi.

Fatal Shooting Of Coast Guardsman On Memorial Day Forseen By Luckalyzer

It was on Memorial Day of 2012 that Coast Guardsman Malcolm Dowdy was fatally shot. Had he only checked his Luckalyzer report he could have cheated death and been with us today. You see how important this is folks? Don’t let it happen to you!

Mr. Dowdy was born on June 26, 1978 and died of gunshot wounds on May 28, 2012. Putting that info into Luckalyzer we get the reading as shown below. Malcolm Dowdy had the classic DEATH SIGNAL that we have outlined here hundreds of times.

So what are the clues that Malcolm’s life was in danger? Take a look at Malcolm’s reading for May 28th, Memorial Day. He has a “D” in Emotional (one of the two requirements for the Death Signal). He also has a “B” in Physical. Anything in red is bad, with D (Danger) being the worst. Basically his body and heart are not going to be in a good place.

That alone is enough for injury, but death has one more component, the brain. The second component of the Death Signal is having a “D” in the Intellectual column on the day of death, or within one day. That’s EXACTLY what we see here.

If you have a reading like this. Check your plans and change them. Instead of going out, stay home and cheat death. Don’t let Malcolm’s death be in vain. The life you save may be your own this Memorial Day.