Luckalyzer Predicts Egyptian Presidents Overthrow.

Ok the title is a little misleading. Luckalyzer can not predict events but can only predict peoples luck. With that said, let’s examine Mohamed Morsi’s luck.

In the chart below we’ve run his report. Notice in his Emotional column everything was green up until July 3, 2013. On July 3 his Emotional turned to “DANGER”. It was going to be one of his most unhappiest days of his life.

Sure enough, his military staged a coup and arrested him and now have him in custody.


After that we see that his Emotional remains in red (with him under arrest it is no surprise, nobody could be happy in those conditions).

Everything cumulates up until July 14 and 15 when Morsi has the “death signal“. This is not a guarantee he will die, but if he is killed by the military or some other party. These will be the most likely days.

UPDATE JULY 16 : Still no word of where Morsi is or what his health is. But one thing did happen on Saturday July 14. The new government brought criminal charges against him. So yes, July 14, things did get worse for Morsi.

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