How A Simple App Can Change The Outcome Of An Election

October 17th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Over the last two weeks, Obama and Romney participated in the first two Presidential Debates. Obama won one and Romney won one. If only Obama or Romney had heard of Luckalyzer, they could have used it to ensure they won BOTH debates and ensured themselves a good chance at winning the Presidency.

Three months ago I used Luckalyzer to predict who would win the first and second Presidential Debates. Luckalyzer was correct on both predictions.

You can read the predictions here.

Romney won the first and Obama the second (according to CNBC, CBS News, Forbes). If Obama had used Luckalyzer, like I did, he would have known that on October 3 his brain was not working well and he would lose to Romney. Armed with this info, he should have rescheduled the debate to a day he was thinking better than Romney. In this fashion, Obama could have won both debates and really ensure a good lead over Romney.

BTW, same goes for Romney. If he knew in advance, like I did, that he would lose on October 16, he could have changed the day to debate to a better one.

So once again, we see more good people failing because they refused to follow the advice of Luckalyzer.

We make it so simple for you. Luckalyzer has a built-in feature that will monitor your highs and lows and warn you, in advance, of upcoming success or failure. This feature is available only to PREMIER MEMBERS.

Don’t make the same mistake President Obama or Governer Romney did. It’s not worth it. It’s only a $10 fee for a whole year of protection. Login to your account and upgrade now.

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