Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Second Debate

On October 16th we’ll get to see the second Presidential Debate between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.

Click here to read Luckalyzer’s prediction for the first presidential debate.

In the second debate, it seems we have the opposite of the first debate. President Obama will have the passion (G/B vs VB/B) and Romney will present the better arguments (G/B vs Obama’s B/B). You can view the readings in the chart below:

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Presidential Debate

In the graph above there are three life cycles represented by the three columns in the row. Each column has a ranking from “VG” (Very Good) to “D” (Danger). Actual ranks are: VG – G – B – VB – D.

Overall, Obama has a B-G-B and Romney has G-VB-B. If we compare the two we can use process of elimination to see who has the edge. Both candidates have a “G”, both have a “B”. That leaves the final set.

Obama has a “B” left and Romney has a “VB”. Since B is better than VB we’ll give the nod to President Obama coming out ahead in the 2nd debate (since it is so close, there may be no clear winner).

UPDATE OCT 16 2012: The results are in and once again Luckalyzer picks the winner three months in advance. Here are the reports from various news agencies:

CNBC Viewer Poll gives it to Obama:
Forbes gives it to Obama:
CBS News gives it to Obama:

  1. Dibs
    October 17th, 2012 at 20:14 | #1

    How about the 3rd presidential debate

  2. admin
    October 17th, 2012 at 20:41 | #2

    It will be coming this weekend.

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