Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Presidential Debate 2012

The Presidential Debates start on October 3rd and the whole world is waiting to see who will come out on top. Fortunately at Luckalyzer, we don’t have to wait.

We used Luckalyzer to analyze the life cycles of the two candidates, President Obama and Mitt Romney. What we wanted to know is who will speak the best on October 3rd? Which candidate is using his brain on all cyclinders?

Unfortunately, people don’t always vote for who is the slickest talker. Sometimes voters are looking for the candidate that is looking out for them. Sometimes voters look past words and look more to the action. Which candidate is more passionate about looking out for the little guy and doing the right thing.

In the graph below we ran both candidates life cycles. There are three life cycles represented by the three columns. They range from “VG” (Very Good) to “D” (Danger). Actual ranks are: VG – G – B – VB – D.

The column on the left measures how well that candidates brain will be functioning. As we see below, President Obama’s brain will be making the right moves as it has a “G” compared to Romney’s “B”.

It’s also one thing to be smart, but another to be WISE. Wisdom comes from the column on the left AND the column on the right combined. You have Obama with a G/G vs Romney’s B/VG (which averages out to G/G). It’s close but Obama gets the slight nod.

Luckalyzer Predicts Winner Of Presidential Debate

But who has the passion? Passion is measured with the center column and the right column combined. Obama has a “D” (Danger) and a “G” (Good). Romney on the other hand has a “G” and a “VG” (Very Good). That combination of G/VG is more powerful than D/G. They both have a “G”, but Romney comes out ahead with the “VG” compared to Obama’s “D”.

Since Romney wins the passion clearly, and it’s close on Wisdom, Romney gets the pick to win the first Presidential Debate.

BTW, notice how Romney has the highest ranking possible in the far right column with a “VG”? This column represents that persons emotions. On October 3rd, Romney will be much happier than President Obama. Could this mean he feels he did the best?

UPDATE: October 4th 2012, the jury is in and Romney came out the clear leader according to polls by CBS News of the most important voters, the uncommitted.

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