How To Pick Winner Of A Boxing Match

In this post I will examine how we can use Luckalyzer to handicap and pick the winner of a boxing match, based solely on luck alone.

I went to Wikipedia and randomly chose 8 Lennox Lewis fights. In the graph below you will see the date of the fight. The outcome of the fight as well as who it was against and the opponents birthday (so you can verify these readings yourself).

I then took that info and ran the reading of how much luck each boxer would have on the night of the fight. I’ve listed Luckalyzer’s reading of each boxer as well as converting that reading into a number that can be used for comparisons (please see the chart in the upper right of the graphic). Here is how each boxer compared against the other on the night of the fight:

Lennox Lewis's fights analyzed by Luckalyzer

Now that you have data to work with, it’s time to handicap. If you use the following three rules, you would have picked all 8 winners (EVEN picking Rahmen at 20-1 to win. We cleaned up there.) :

Rule 1:
Choose the boxer that has a “G” or “VG” for the middle letter (this rates their Physical abilities). ex: on 9/24/94 above, McCall had a reading of “B G B”. The middle letter is a “G” and is thus our selection to win. NOTE: If both boxers qualify, choose the one with the higher number (found below their reading).

Rule 2:
If neither of the boxers qualified above, then look for a “G” or “VG” to be the letter on the left of the reading (this represents who will be the happiest, hence a good indicator of being the winner). ex: on 4/21/01 when the longshot Rahmen beat Lennox, Rahmen had a “G” while Lennox had a “B”. Clearly Rahmen was going to be happier that day then Lennox. And history showed that he was, after he won.

Rule 3:
If neither boxer qualifies under the above two rules, I have one more. Choose the boxer that has the most ranking points (based on the system as outlined in the graphic). If both boxers have the same points, bet on the one offering the better odds.

Summary: Following the above three rules, a bettor would have won 7 and tied on one. How well would it do on other boxers? We have not run the tests on them but you are more than welcome to run some of your own to verify the ease and simplicity of using Luckalyzer to handicap professional prize fights.

The first thing you will need is FREE Luckalyzer account. Then you can upgrade that FREE account to PREMIER ACCESS at which point you’ll be able to do readings on as many people as you want. It can be in the past or in the future. You can get all the birthdates you need off the internet and start creating your own system for beating the bookies.

Please note, just because this has worked in the past does not mean it will work in the future. Prize fights have been known to be fixed and there will always be risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information on all the things I can do with Luckalyzer?
We have two great resources for you:
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Is Luckalyzer real?
Yes. We have extensive proof from tests to testimonials on our blog. All this is possible because of the works of two doctors and a mathematician.

How does it work?
Luckalyzer is based on real medical science. Click here to see how Luckalyzer works.

Where can I find proof this works?
One of the best and easiest ways to check is to go back into history. Upgrade to Premier Access and you’ll be able to run reports for the past to see if events actually matched the Luckalyzer reading. Celebrities are good for this. You can easily find a celebs birthdate on the internet and then match up their readings with the news stories about them. Read these true stories of celebs that ignored their readings and met their ultimate bad luck.

How can I change my bad luck to good?
This is an old video, but the information is just as good. Watch this video to see how you can change your luck.

What is this “Death Signal” I keep hearing about?
When people die an unnatural death (accident, murder, suicide, etc..), on the day they die, most all of them died on a certain day in their cycle. This has come to be known as the “Death Signal”. Click here to read how to find the “Death Signal” in your report

Can Luckalyzer really increase my luck?
Think of luck as the tides of an ocean. Luck goes go up and luck goes down. Just like the tides. And like the tides of an ocean, luck is also on a cycle that can be timed. If you wanted to launch a boat, wouldn’t you have better luck launching at high tide versus low tide? The same goes with everything you do in life, you’ll have better luck doing them on days when your luck is at “high tide”. Luckalyzer finds those days for you and alerts you in advance so you make the most of your luck.

Do you have any success stories?
Yes we get many, and you are always welcome to leave your own stories here. I recommend you also read about Luckalyzer’s success at the World Series of Poker when it came to predicting the lucky and unlucky players at this event.

How can I save my 60-Day Calendar to my computer?
In this great video it shows not only how to save your Luckalyzer calendar to your computer, but also how to save it to your desktop. Having your calendar on your desktop allows you to never never miss another lucky day again.