How To Pick Winner Of A Boxing Match

In this post I will examine how we can use Luckalyzer to handicap and pick the winner of a boxing match, based solely on luck alone.

I went to Wikipedia and randomly chose 8 Lennox Lewis fights. In the graph below you will see the date of the fight. The outcome of the fight as well as who it was against and the opponents birthday (so you can verify these readings yourself).

I then took that info and ran the reading of how much luck each boxer would have on the night of the fight. I’ve listed Luckalyzer’s reading of each boxer as well as converting that reading into a number that can be used for comparisons (please see the chart in the upper right of the graphic). Here is how each boxer compared against the other on the night of the fight:

Lennox Lewis's fights analyzed by Luckalyzer

Now that you have data to work with, it’s time to handicap. If you use the following three rules, you would have picked all 8 winners (EVEN picking Rahmen at 20-1 to win. We cleaned up there.) :

Rule 1:
Choose the boxer that has a “G” or “VG” for the middle letter (this rates their Physical abilities). ex: on 9/24/94 above, McCall had a reading of “B G B”. The middle letter is a “G” and is thus our selection to win. NOTE: If both boxers qualify, choose the one with the higher number (found below their reading).

Rule 2:
If neither of the boxers qualified above, then look for a “G” or “VG” to be the letter on the left of the reading (this represents who will be the happiest, hence a good indicator of being the winner). ex: on 4/21/01 when the longshot Rahmen beat Lennox, Rahmen had a “G” while Lennox had a “B”. Clearly Rahmen was going to be happier that day then Lennox. And history showed that he was, after he won.

Rule 3:
If neither boxer qualifies under the above two rules, I have one more. Choose the boxer that has the most ranking points (based on the system as outlined in the graphic). If both boxers have the same points, bet on the one offering the better odds.

Summary: Following the above three rules, a bettor would have won 7 and tied on one. How well would it do on other boxers? We have not run the tests on them but you are more than welcome to run some of your own to verify the ease and simplicity of using Luckalyzer to handicap professional prize fights.

The first thing you will need is FREE Luckalyzer account. Then you can upgrade that FREE account to PREMIER ACCESS at which point you’ll be able to do readings on as many people as you want. It can be in the past or in the future. You can get all the birthdates you need off the internet and start creating your own system for beating the bookies.

Please note, just because this has worked in the past does not mean it will work in the future. Prize fights have been known to be fixed and there will always be risk.

Luckalyzer Passes Luck Predicting Test

Luckalyzer Passes Luck Predicting Test

The poker website recently challenged Luckalyzer to an extensive test in an effort to prove the software really can predict a person’s future luck.

We at Luckalyzer are happy to report, we passed. Most importantly, gave us the documented proof that Luckalyzer really can foretell when good or bad luck will strike you. Check out this proof:

Test Conditions:
We need a controlled environment (so tests won’t be interrupted)
We need dozens of lucky and unlucky events to occur (to prove accuracy)
We need these events to occur within a relatively short time span of 14 hours
We need that time span spread over two days (test luck on two different days)
We need many individuals to make predictions on (to prove accuracy)
We need documented results (so anyone can verify our claims)

Test Setting: chose to test Luckalyzer at the 2010 World Series of Poker. This one poker tournament would fit all the qualifications needed.

It would be indoors at the Rio in Las Vegas with a Tournament Director that would oversee everything was run fairly. We would have nine contestants whose birthdays (the data we need to run their luck) we could easily get. The data of the hands played and results are documented at so anyone can easily verify this information.

The tournament is expected to last 14 hours (so it won’t take long to get our results) and over two different days (November 6th and 7th of 2010). During those hours we will witness dozens of times when someone will get lucky and someone will be unlucky.

Let me explain what I define as “lucky” or “unlucky” when it comes to poker. In a poker tournament there are many occasions where two players put all their chips in, BEFORE the flop, turn, or river card is shown. In these situations there is no more skill. One player will be on the short end of the odds and will need to get lucky (beat the odds) to win the hand. It is these hands that were tested.

Now that you know the conditions of the test, how well did Luckalyzer do?

There were 11 hands where Luckalyzer predicted the underdog would win. Of those 11 predictions, Luckalyzer was correct 64% of the time!

What makes that number even more important is that, according to the odds, the underdog in those hands should have only won 17% of the time.

Because the underdog in these situations was the luckier of the two players, he consistently beat the odds by almost 4x! Big score for Luckalyzer.



Test #2: Overall Luck

Forget small individual luck tests, how well did Luckalyzer do at predicting overall luck in the tournament?

Luckalyzer predicted Mizrachi and Cheong to be the luckiest over the 14 hours. Mizrachi and Cheong were the ONLY two players in the whole tournament that were able to take the chip lead away from Duhamel, the tournaments chip leader (and eventual winner). Mizrachi went from 7th to chip leader (amazing feat), and Cheong went from third to first.

Luckalyzer predicted Senti, Dolan, and Duhamel as the worst luck. Senti went out quickly in seventh. Dolan started in second position but quickly went out in sixth (amazing bad luck), and Duhamel who started with a commanding chip lead, was all-in and one hand away from being knocked out in fifth.

According to these results, if these five players had all started with even chips, Luckalyzer would have been 100% correct, however, since some players started with 5x more chips than others, Luckalyzer could only get close as it takes more than luck to win a tournament.

Some Other Interesting Results

There was ONLY one pot that was a tie at the final table and it was Mizrachi and Cheong who divided. The strange thing is, Luckalyzer predicted these two with equal luck. Since they were both so lucky, they couldn’t beat each other.

During the course of the 14 hours there were 30 hands shown. In three of these each player had equal luck, so we’ll skip those. Of the remaining 27 hands, those players marked luckier than their opponents won 59% of all showdowns (doesn’t matter if they were the favorite or the underdog).

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with detailed results.

In conclusion, Luckalyzer proved it really does work. While not 100%, the tests clearly show that Luckalyzer has the ability to predict good luck. Get your personal reading now and don’t miss out on your good luck days. Click to check your luck now!

Luckalyzer Predicts My Lucky Win At WSOP

In this article I put Luckalyzer to the test. Can it really predict lucky days? For my test I’m going to use the 2010 World Series Of Poker currently being held at the Rio in Las Vegas.

First I check my Luckalyzer Report for any days in the near future that are extremely lucky. After running my report, here is what I saw:

My luck analyzed for 5/31/2010

As you can see above, my luck turned all green (good things will just happen) on May 27th and would continue until June 2, 2010. So I put in for a vacation so I could take advantage of this short period of amazing good luck.

I’ve always had a dream to go to Las Vegas and play in the World Series Of Poker. What better place to test Luckalyzer the luck analyzing software, then at the prestigous World Series Of Poker!

I packed my bags and by 10:00 AM on May 31st, 2010 I was actually standing on the convention floor of the World Series Of Poker. I had arrived with $500 in my pocket and a plan. The plan was to take that $500 and play in three one-table tournaments and see how my luck worked. Was it really as good as Luckalyzer claims?

In the first event, I went all in with the best hand and was called by a player who had ONLY three outs to win. Naturally, his card hit and I was out, losing the $175 buy-in fee.

I was upset. How could Luckalyzer let me down. It’s always been accurate at predicting my bad luck, why not the good? Some folks may have given up and claimed the software doesn’t work. However, I know one test is not enough.

I took some time to calm down and think the situation over. My plan was to play three and make a determination then on the accuracy of the software that runs Luckalyzer.

In my second one-table tourney I found myself heads up, and even on chips with my opponent. He suggested we end here and split the winnings ($1,620). I agreed and pocketed $810 – $175 entry fee = $635 profit!

The third one-table found me in the final three with the smallest amount of chips. I quickly asked for a split, the other two agreed, and I pocketed $540 – $175 entry = $365 profit.

You can see my buy-in receipts below. When all was said and done, I made a profit of $825. It was my first World Series Of Poker win and I did it in about two hours.

receipts for my World series Of Poker buyins

But Hold On… It’s Not Over Yet, It Gets Even Crazier!

I beat the World Series Of Poker, maybe I was just lucky at cards. Luckalyzer says I should be real lucky so testing just one game was not enough. I wanted to test my luck on other games.

I went to the Let It Ride table. On my very first hand I made a straight. With a 20 bet and $1 on the bonus, I just won $125!

I left that table and went to try my luck at the poker room. I found a seat in the busy room and bought in. The dealer asked for a player card and I said I didn’t have one. Another player suggested I get one because new players who play one hour get $25 bonus from the casino. Sweet.

I got the card and played exactly one hour. At the end of that hour I went and collected my $25. I went and cashed in my chips for a profit of $160 in that hour. $160 + $25 bonus = $185. I just made another $185 for that hour!

Ok poker has been fantastic. Now lets try the video poker. I went to the video poker bar for a drink and to test my luck at the video poker machine. I put in $20 and immediatly hit four of a kind! I played three more hands, hit nothing and quit with a profit of $145 in a matter of minutes!

Everything I touched turned to gold. Time for one more test before going home to bed. There was a $120 buy-in poker event being held that evening at 7pm. I bought into the tournament and boy was I shocked when I looked at my seat assignment (see photo). They had givem me Table 77 Seat 7. 777! Is this an ominous signal of whats to come?

Unfortunately my luck didn’t work at this event. Well you can’t expect to win everything could you? I got knocked out before making it into the money so no profit here, just a loss of $120 on this event.

After testing Luckalyzer for a full day, I definately was lucky as claimed. My overall winnings by the end of the day were: $825 + $125 + $145 + $185 – $120 = $1,160 in profits!

If you are ready to cash in like I did, I recommend you check your luck now to see if you have a lucky day coming.